Online Freight Payments

The PayCargo® System is the first efficient, centralized, neutral, online worldwide freight payment system for the global shipping industry.

It allows Shippers, Carriers and Freight Brokers to settle accounts rapidly and reliably within a standardized, secure platform. The PayCargo System requires no capital expenditures and is straightforward to implement. It is a complementary tool to existing legacy systems, and does not replace them.

The PayCargo System is also designed to add a significant innovation to the maritime industry -- allowing Shippers to establish third-party credit terms for freight. PayCargo Credit allows Carriers to expand their business while not adding to their credit exposure. For Shippers, PayCargo Credit offers credit terms on freight previously available to only a few of the very largest companies. The credit can be utilized to prevent expensive demurrage charges and speed goods on their way to their final destination.

The founders of PayCargo, LLC, collectively have over 80 years of executive and in-the-trenches experience in the maritime industry and have developed this major innovation for the transportation industry.


Realize efficient, cost-effective electronic payment processing, eliminating the time accounts payable & receivable departments spend opening mail, sorting, copying, creating and retrieving files.

Accuracy & Security

The System does away with discrepancies and errors by providing the exact amount represented in your accounting System. There is no double entry, thus eliminating input errors.


Choose from a full range of payment solutions that complement the transportation industry and offer your customers the choices they prefer.