Online Receivables

Save time, money, and reduce expenses related to payments made by check or wire transfers with PayCargo's online automated payment system.

PayCargo allows carriers and vendors to make their Accounts Receivables available online for shippers and customers to view invoices and BOLs that are open, approved, paid, or disputed. Shippers can proof and approve payments using multiple methods including Overnight, Carrier Credit, and PayCargo Credit*, or a combination of the three. They also have the ability to dispute invoices or BOLs should there be any discrepancies.

When manually inputting transactions in real time, the system sends an email alert to your client so that he can make an ACH payment to your bank immediately. Or you can automatically upload your accounts receivables. Our goal is to efficiently manage your receivables and substantially improve your company's cash flow.

* PayCargo Credit allows shippers, both large and small, to establish third-party PayCargo Credit terms for freight. On imports this can prevent expensive demurrage charges, speed goods in transit, and expand shipping capabilities on exports.

Download our Online Receivables presentation.