In order for shippers to successfully compete in the global marketplace they need an expeditious, safe and resourceful way of processing transactions. The PayCargo® System addresses shippers' needs with electronic online payments. Through advanced technology, it allows the shipper to eliminate processes and cut costs associated with errors, paper, and personnel. PayCargo, LLC, connects the shipper and carrier on a real-time basis to the same financial information. This not only improves the visibility of each payment but also allows both parties to save money by capitalizing on the advantages of automation and standardization.

PayCargo, LLC, ensures the following benefits to Shippers:

  • Provides PayCargo Credit and financing on IMPORTS.
  • Reduces administrative costs associated with personnel, writing checks, wiring monies, overnight mail, and couriers
  • Efficiently manages disputes
  • Eliminates input errors, ensuring accuracy
  • Simplifies processes, which reduce paper
  • Ensures the transparency of financial information with carriers
  • Enhances payment recognition
  • Obtains cargo releases and documents quickly
  • Improves communication between carriers & shippers on financial matters