Online payment is indispensable for carriers to significantly develop their businesses. For decades, the amount of sales a carrier generated was directly related to the amount of risk they were willing to take, thus limiting carriers from doing business with a wide array of shippers. PayCargo's System allows carriers to penetrate a previously untapped market while saving time, money and personnel.

PayCargo addresses Carriers' needs by yielding a myriad of benefits:

  • Reduces DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Decreases administrative costs
  • Efficiently manages disputes
  • Eliminates input errors, ensuring accuracy
  • Simplifies processes, which reduce paper
  • Provides additional PayCargo Credit for shippers on import & export freight charges
  • Ensures the transparency of financial information with shippers
  • Enhances payment recognition
  • Improves communication between carriers & shippers on financial matters

PayCargo, LLC, is also committed to servicing Carriers with the following:

  • No up-front capital investment
  • Low cost transaction based fees
  • Guaranteed payments to the Carrier if PayCargo Credit is used by the shipper
  • Collecting payments for the Carrier when Carrier PayCargo Credit is used by the shipper
  • Assisting the carrier in educating and selling the solution both internally and to clients