Thomas Trainer

Board Director

Mr. Thomas Trainer

Mr Trainer is a well-recognized and awarded Leader in the Business Technology Field. Throughout the course of his 40-year career, he has helped the likes of Citigroup, PepsiCo, Reebok , Eli Lilly &Company and Joseph E. Seagram to the forefront of their Industries, in his role as their Global Chief Information Officer. His long list of Credits include:

• Recipient of “The Albert Einstein Award” for career achievement in Information Technology.

• Receipt of InformationWeek Magazine’s “CIO of The Year” award, for his leadership of Reebok’s Global Business Process/Technology Redesign.

• Tribute in CIO Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Edition as “The Quintessential CIO”, for his vision and leadership, as described in an accompanying 8 page article on his career.

• Inclusion as a member of select Industry and Government Task Forces on Technology.

• Leadership of a Cross-Healthcare Industry Study, on “The Internet’s Impact on Healthcare”.

• Mr Trainer helped Found “The Working Council of CIOs of The Advisory Board” and he also Helped Found “The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PHARMA) CIO Forum.

• He has lectured Internationally on Business and Technology Issues, including “The World Congress of Information Technology” in Wash DC; and various conferences sponsored by The Economist, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Fortune, and Financial Times.

• And he keynoted in Beijing the “Inaugural Sino-American CIO Conference”.

• Mr Trainer has also been profiled on CBS TV’s “American Edition” and CNBC’s “Technology Edge” Broadcast programs.

• He is a member of several Boards of Directors, including Publicly Traded, Privately-Held, and Early-Stage.