Hideo Ito

Founder & CEO,
H.I. International Consulting, LLC

Mr. Hideo Ito

Mr. Ito has more than 36 years of experience within Toshiba Corporation. He began his career in 1969 when he joined Toshiba Corporation (TOSHIBA), then Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company, and was engaged in its various corporate functions including international licensing. In 1979, he was transferred to Toshiba Silicone, a chemical joint venture with General Electric as Manager of Strategic Business Planning.

Subsequently, he returned to TOSHIBA as Manager-International Business Planning and Opesrations for its Semiconductor Group, where he was responsible for the operations of overseas manufacturing companies in the U.S., Germany, Malaysia and Mexico. Under his leadership, key international strategic alliances were established with leading semiconductor companies such as Siemens, Motorola, GE, SGS-Thomson, LSI Logic, and Cadence.

Following various senior level executive positions, including Chairman and CEO of Toshiba America Electronic Components (Irvine, CA) and General Manager of International Division of TOSHIBA, Mr. Ito was appointed TOSHIBA’s Corporate Representative for the Americas and Chairman and CEO of Toshiba America, Inc. (New York, NY) in June, 2002. After 3 years in New York City, Mr. Ito returned to Tokyo to take Statutory Auditor position at Toshiba’s publicly traded subsidiary, Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd. in June 2005. After almost 2 years, Mr. Ito retired from Toshiba and left Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd. at the end of May 2007.

In recent years, Mr. Ito simultaneously served an external director of the board for Millennium Cell Inc. and Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. He also served as Chairman of RIAX Corp., a high quality CD and DVD producer (Bloomington, IN) and as an external board member of BTM Corp. (Stamford, CT). He also serves advisor to Advanced Laser Separation International (Bueningen, Netherlands). In June 2005, Mr. Ito founded his consulting firm in Delaware, H.I. International Consulting, LLC.

Mr. Ito holds a bachelor's degree in Social Science from International Christian University (Liberal Arts college, Tokyo), and MBA degree in International Business Management and Management Theory from Indiana University Kelley School of Business (Bloomington, IN). In February, 2000, he received Academy of Fellow Alumni Award from Kelley School and its Alumni Association and now serves its Dean's Council as a member.