Watch the PayCargo System Intro presentation.

PayCargo is a premier provider of global shipping services, offering unique financial solutions to carriers and shippers looking for efficient ways to expand their business. We provide clients with a secure and effective platform to make online freight payments.

With over 80 years of combined experience, the founders of PayCargo LLC, have extensive practice in the sales, management, ownership, and operations of the shipping industry. After witnessing the inefficiencies and costs related to unsettled transactions between shippers and carriers, the company recognized the need for an effective system of expediting payments and making third party credit available.

The PayCargo System gives shippers the opportunity to establish freight PayCargo Credit and eliminate the time constraints related to payment. With PayCargo Credit, carriers can boost their businesses without assuming the risks associated with extending credit. For shippers, it opens up a window of opportunity by providing PayCargo Credit previously available to only a handful of large companies. PayCargo's reliable, rapid and cost-effective tool not only complements existing legacy systems but also requires no capital expenditures. With three simple steps, it really is as easy as Ship, Click, Pay.